Re: Automated Microtomes

From:Louri Caldwell <>

We have four Shandon Finesse Automated Microtomes and absolutely love them.  
They are very easy to use and dependable.  We have had excellent support 
from the company as well.

We also have a Leica automated microtome and haven't had any problems with 
it.  It is a little more difficult to use with more manipulations required 
than the Shandon, but I have one tech that won't think of switching to the 
Shandon because she adores the Leica.

I think it comes down to personal preference between the two and would 
recommend trying both.

Louri Caldwell
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia

>From: Kelly Pruitt <>
>To: Histonet <>
>Subject: Automated Microtomes
>Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 21:15:06 -0800
>Good evening Histonetters,
>I have a question.  I need to know what everyone thinks about the automated
>microtomes?  I used to work in a lab in Texas and right as I was leaving
>automated microtomes were being demo'd, not by me, by my colleague.  I
>remember she wasn't fond of the first one that was brought in, but she was
>fond of the Shandon that was brought in.  I just don't remember anything
>about it.  I am working in a lab now in Nevada that is going to all
>automated, and I just wanted feedback on your experiences.
>Thanks in advance for your responses,
>Kelly S. Pruitt

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