Re: Automated Microtomes

From:Roger Moretz <>

We have an automated Leica (an older model) and
recently demo'd the new version.  The individual using
the older Leica really uses it heavily and it very
fond of it.  Another lab here recently purchased one
as well.  The new model (rotating sample) is
intriguing, but we did not have the time to give it a
fair trial.  We have seen the Microm (have 4 of the
manuals now) and were impressed.  Can't speak to any
of the others.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

--- Kelly Pruitt <> wrote:
> Good evening Histonetters,
> I have a question.  I need to know what everyone
> thinks about the automated
> microtomes?  I used to work in a lab in Texas and
> right as I was leaving
> automated microtomes were being demo'd, not by me,
> by my colleague.  I
> remember she wasn't fond of the first one that was
> brought in, but she was
> fond of the Shandon that was brought in.  I just
> don't remember anything
> about it.  I am working in a lab now in Nevada that
> is going to all
> automated, and I just wanted feedback on your
> experiences.
> Thanks in advance for your responses,
> Kelly S. Pruitt

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