RE: looking for old/antique histology instruments

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Have you tried Ebay? There was even an electron microscope for sale a couple
weeks ago - it sold for $500!

Tim Morken

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Dear Histonetters,
As a person who does microscopy/histology not only for living but for the
love of it, I admire all the skilled craftsmanship it goes/went into
manufacturing scientific equipment. I myself have a small collection of old
40-120 year old microscopes and as I was recently surfing the WEB to expand
my collection suddenly remembered the old sledge-type sliding microtome I
first used to cut paraffin sections. It was probably about 50 year old when
I used it (hate to admit it was 25 some years ago), had wonderful machining,
oily surfaces, gears, black enamel, brass wheels, clicked etc. Anyway, I
would like to buy an old microtome (hopefully in working conditions and in
great shape.
If any of you have one or know dealers/collectors of old histology
equipment, please help me to get in touch with them.
Laszlo Komuves


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