RE: herceptest antigen retrieval

From:Louise Taylor <>

Hi Marjorie,

As another sufferer under the hercep regime - here's what the dako people
told me to do.
Heat up the water bath ( I put my slide holder in one of those green plastic
staining dishes filled with water) to boiling point
heat up the buffer in a microwave(or on a bunsen if such is allowed).
pour out the water in the green dish - add the buffer and slides and boil
for 40 mins. This makes your lab smell and feel a bit like a sauna, but the
test works, even if I may say it, a little better than the boiling method of
Andreas Kappeler.
Hope this helps

Best regarsd

Louise Renton

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Subject: herceptest antigen retrieval

Will be doing the Herceptest for the first time. None of my waterbaths seem
to go up to the 95 to 99 degree temp needed for antigen retrieval. I am
aware that  you can not vary from the recommended method. Will have to come
up with something quick. Was wondering what anyone else is doing?

Thanks in advance.


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