RE: herceptest, DAKO, and the USA

From:"Nader, Alexander" <>

> Subject: Re: herceptest, DAKO, and the USA

> However, I think you should know that the motherland - the original 
> one, i.e. UK - has been asked to dtermine who should be the next 
> President of the USA.
> Or Tony Blair who has the right qualifications, he can solve 
> ANYTHING! (and so SHOULD have worked in a path lab.)

You could manage that problem like our new "government": if you tell all the
people in the labs that water boils on every place on earth at 100 C, in a
couple of months they (and probable even the water, physics a.s.o.) will
accept it. And than you charge taxes because otherwise water will stop
boiling at 100 C.

Just another thing to mention: maybe the original protocol was in F
(probably [F]ahrenheit, but could be [F]unny Measurement also) and someone
didn't convert it right?

Alex Nader
Vienna, Austria

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