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At the last hospital I worked in we had three people in a "Special
Procedures" lab (one senior tech, two bench techs) where we did all immunos,
ISH and muscle histochemistry. We did about 210 muscle panels, 600 ISH
slides and 13,000 immuno slides per year (all done manually). The muscle
cases were batched once a week.

Tim Morken

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   I am the only employee in our neuromuscular lab. So
far this year, I have done 250 muscle biopsies.  Of
course there is other work, but the muscle takes the
majority of my time. How much do others do?  I was
sort of wondering the same thing.
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> Patsy Ruegg
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> 		Dear Sir/Madam:
> 			I have a question about the work volume of
> neuomuscluar lab.  I was
> 		wondering how many samples is considered to be
> full time for
> a person in 
> 		a year. 
> 		Thank you very much for your time.
> 		Sincerely,
> 		Lena Liu

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