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We have 5 microms them...

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 We demo'd automated microtomes as well because we have several people with
repetitive motion disorders.  We ended up purchasing the Leica because it
was user friendly, could be adjusted to accomodate our whole mount blocks as
well as for stain requests.  Some of the other units were not as versatile
and the foot pedals were totally annoying !!!!  Good luck..hope the new lab
is using microtomes you will enjoy !!!!
Have a great day,
 Vicki Gauch
Albany Medical Center

>>> Kelly Pruitt <> 11/25/00 12:15AM >>>
Good evening Histonetters,
I have a question.  I need to know what everyone thinks about the automated
microtomes?  I used to work in a lab in Texas and right as I was leaving
automated microtomes were being demo'd, not by me, by my colleague.  I
remember she wasn't fond of the first one that was brought in, but she was
fond of the Shandon that was brought in.  I just don't remember anything
about it.  I am working in a lab now in Nevada that is going to all
automated, and I just wanted feedback on your experiences.
Thanks in advance for your responses,
Kelly S. Pruitt

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