Insitu training

From:Lynn Gardner <>

<html> Dear histonetters,<br> <br> Is there anyone out there doing mRNA and DNA Insitu Hybridization on <b><u>paraffin sections</b></u> that would be willing to allow me to come into their laboratory to learn the technique. I would like it to be someone who has worked with it for several years and preferably has worked with some home made probes or ones that are not available commercially. I would like to do this either before Christmas or shortly after the first of the year. <br> <br> Thanks,<br> Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)<br> Senior Histologic Technician<br> Unviersity of Iowa HealthCare<br> Anatomy and Cell Biology<br> 51 Newton Road<br> 1-100 BSB<br> Iowa City, IA 52242<br> Phone: 319-353-5490 or 319-335-7560<br> Fax: 319-335-7770<br> </html>
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