Disposal of Osmium Tetroxide Waste

From:stephen asquith <sasquith@melbpc.org.au>

Hi once again,
At places I've worked there have been differing protocols regarding the 
disposal of this wonderful material but it still typical leaves one with 
containers full of osmium in alcohol or corn oil, while this may be a safer 
form what should be done with it then?
At one place I worked the alcohol/osmium solution was then mixed with 
approx 100g activated charcoal /2.5litre waste, mixed and after approx 24 
hours put through filter paper down the sink with plenty of water the 
filter papers collected and stored into a sealed container. This was then 
sent to a disposal firm.
I'm interested to know what others are doing and also what people think of 
the above .
Thanks Steve

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