Disc microtomes

From:Jeff Silverman <peptolab@hamptons.com>

Well, after finally being laid off from my secure union job in a little
rural lab by my suddenly nasty pathologist who took his lab private from the
hospital, I have returned to my old hospital after twelve years. They just
bought a couple of Leica disc microtomes. I had used the old Leitz 1412 for
the past ten years and loved it. Prior to that, I was an AO guy for fifteen
years or so. I'm starting to get some wrist and hand problems.  This new
machine is pretty cool and has eliminated any trace pain and my growing
ennui with microtomy. Its fun. The only problem with it is at faster
rotation speeds during trimming, it throws parrafin shavings all over the
counter, but so far, after one day, I think its a pretty neat gadget. Any
tips or opinions out there?
Jeff Silverman
now of Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY

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