CytoLogix Immuno/Special Stainer

From:Jeff Silverman <>

The new job is really cool. They have a Leica stainer (nice) and the
CytoLogix immunostainer-special stainer. It is an easy to use, compact,
bench top automated stainer that does immuno's and special stains at the
same time. The results have been beautiful GMS, Mucin, PAS, AFB,
cytokeratin, chromogranin, all on one machine with minimal waste generation.
Its a great machine for small to medium sized labs. The only financial
interest I have in cytologix was that the tech rep bought me lunch today at
the Kosher deli. This sure is fun, I've always done everything by hand for
almost thirty years. Tomorrow, I get to cut the biopsies on the Leica Disc
Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY

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