vacuum for the cryostat

From:"Instrumedics, Inc." <>

Dale asked about a portable vacuum to clean her three cryostats.

The problem with a portable vacuum is that the debris collected in the
vacuum "bag" melts and very quickly the suctioning of the vacuum is
severely reduced and soon after the vacuum will cease to draw air. The
melted debris degrades, and can start to smell. The bag has to be changed
very frequently! It is also environmentally unsound.

Instrumedics'  Cryo-Vac Away was designed to avoid these problems. The
debris is suctioned away, as it is generated, at the blockface during the
trimming step, and collected in a primary 2-stage filter inside the cryostat
chamber. This results in the debris freeze-drying  and becoming very porous.
This allows the air to continue to flow unimpeded and the suctioning is
undimished. There is also a viral/bacterial filter inside the cryostat,
downstream of the primary filter,which will capture pathogens that might
escape the debris.

The Cryo-Vac-Away substantially reduces biohazards and the cryostat  remains


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