salary range update

From:Michael Rice <>

As most have you have seen by now there is a large range of salaries around the country. Is it supply and demand or lack of a national standard for techs, However since I  started this, let me tell you what I know about salaries in South Florida(Miami-Ft Lauderdale):
Florida has a licensing law for histotechs. Ther are three categories, technician, technologist and supervisor, up until this month a license could only be obtained through exam, this has now changed and there is no longer an exam, bur ASCP and years of experience are being used in its place. 
With that in mind as well as suplly and demand and the fact that you can only work here with a license lets get to salaries
A technician (can not do IHC)  $16-18 per hour
Technologist-$18-22 based on experience and desperation
supervisors $ 24- 28 depending on size of institution or reference lab and a shortage of supervisors.
Most places here are now giving sign on and retention bonuses from $2000 to $5000 .
Just to let you know I am looking for two individuals to fill current openings
I hope this mini survey will help all of you, keep the replies coming

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