re: storage cyto preps

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

I don't have extensive experience with immunocytochemistry on cyto
preparations, but maybe this helps you out.
A couple of years ago we stored our cryostat sections acetone-fixed at
-20C. It appeared that some markers were lost after several weeks, e.g.
CD4, CD3. Somebody suggested then the storage of unfixed cryostat sections
at -80C, which turned out a very good alternative! Even after a year at
-80C the morpholgy of the sections is still great (given the fact it is a
cryosection) and everthing is detectable. I persume that the same accounts
for cyto preparations.
Cryosections are packed face-to-face (with carton strips at the end) in
Parafilm. Upon use we leave them for 30 min at room temp. under a
ventilator before unpacking.


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