lung in paraffin

From:The Robertsons <>

 I have a question concerning lung in paraffin.

 I am very new to histology (about 1 month) and I have been practicing with
paraffin. I have some autopsy tissue (heart, kidney, liver & lung) that I
have been running on a 14 hour processing schedule (1 hour for each
Everything is going great except for the lung.

When I put the slides in the slide dryer (a Shandon Lipshaw slide dryer) the
lower section shrinks up. I have flipped the slides around to see if I could
stop it and all that accomplished was getting both of my sections to shrink.

I have tried to keep them from getting to hot by not leaving them in for too
long. That helped with the shrinking but I lost a lot of the sections during
staining (H&E.)

The closest I have been able to come to the results I want; I accomplished
using a hot plate instead of the dryer. So I think it may have something to
do with the way the air flows through the dryer.

So if anyone could please tell me if this is normal for lung tissue, if I
am over processing, or if I just have to find the perfect time in the slide
dryer I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.
Trish Robertson

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