Securline markers

I've been reading of the problems with the Securline markers and we have been 
having the same. In addition, many of the pens "puddle" onto the cassette 
and/or slide so much that we have to blot the ink as we write. This makes 
them dry up even FASTER!
I've written to the manufacturer but with no response back from them. I 
wonder if they know that their product is becoming unsatisfactory? Maybe the 
distributors of this product could relay the message to the manufacturer? 
I've just complained to my VWR Rep.
I just got a couple of markers from TBS as samples and they seem to be fine 
although I wish they had a finer tip. We sometimes have a lot of information 
to write on the cassette or slide. Does anybody know if they come in 
different size tips?

Andi Grantham
University of Arizona

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