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Thank you for the information.
I will get in touch with them to see if they would export to Malta

Any other source is still wellcome.


Dawson, Glen  (13/11/00  22:15):
>I recently helped set up 2 microscopy tables for the Medical College of
>Wisconsin Path. Dept.
>We purchased them from John Massey (Third and Fourth Microscope Service)
>who, I believe, is
>stationed out of IL.  These were custom made to our specs & very affordable.
>His email address
>is:    Good Luck,
>Glen Dawson (
>Dynacare Laboratory
>Milwaukee, WI
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>To all on the Histonet
>I am placing this question for a friend in Cytology.
>Is there anyone using dedicated tables for Microscopy? These tables would
>like normal desks, with a cave-in where the screener would sit and it might
>also be fitted with elbow pads. If there is anyone using them or anything
>similar, or any vendors, could we have some contact information please.

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