Re: reprocessing small gi bx

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   I too have had this happen, With GI biopsies take them backwards through
the process. If you remove the parffin in the clearing agent and the
largest piece appears clear then reinfiltrate with parffin. If the largest
piece does not appear to clear then go back to 100% ethanol 2  changes
20-30 minutes room temp. then the clearing agent 20-30 minutes. Check the
tissue visually to make sure that it is clear before re-infiltrating with
paraffin. This works!

Rena Fail,AS HT(ASCP)
Medical University of SC

At 08:34 AM 11/15/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I have an emergency, we have several G.I. bx's that were on an old style
>Open processor and they went past the paraffin into the formaliin.  Our
>experience is that they are extremely terrible, they don't cut, the nuclear
>detail is terrible.  We put them back into the paraffin, but in the past we
>have tried reprocessing, nothing, conventional seems to help.  Does anyone
>have a procedure that is tried and work well in this type of situation?
>Debbie J. Siena, HT(ASCP)
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>Baylor University Medical Center
>Dallas, TX 75246
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