Re: collagen stain for Epon embedded tissue (Flores, Teresa)

Dotty, Polychrome Stains for High Resolution Light Microscopy. Hoffmann, E.
O. et al. Laboratory Medicine Volume 14 No 12 December 1983. This article
contains a Table in which the Toludine Blue 0 and toludine Bllue 0 and
Basic Fucshin are compared and distinguished between Basement membrane
collagen Type IV and interstitial collagen Type I and III.  Not to mention
how pretty the color photographs are if you have an original Laboratory
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>Hello all,
>Does anyone know of a way to stain for collagen in Epon embedded cardiac
>muscle for viewing by light microscopy?
>Thanks for any suggestions.
>Dotty Sorenson
>Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory
>Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
>University of Michigan Medical School
>Ann Arbor, Michigan

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