Re: antibody search

From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>

Hi Deb, any phosphotyrosine antibody will work (phosphotyrosine antibodies
should work against all species). We carry one (will send you a datasheet).
This antibody can be used on mouse tissues with a mouse-on-mouse reagent
system. Also, a cautionary note, make sure that your blocking reagents and
buffers do not contain milk or egg products as these are loaded with
phosphotyrosines that may produce substantial background.

Deb Boswell Lane wrote:

> We are in search of an antibody against phosphotyrosine (mouse) which
> labels microglia cells and peripheral macrophages.  And an antibody against
> ED2 which labels peripheral macrophages in the rat.  We are looking for a
> mouse equivalent of these 2 antibodies to use on retina.  Has anyone any
> information on these?  Thanks in advance!
> Deb Lane
> Deb Boswell Lane
> Professional Biomedical Technologist
> Biological Imaging
> The Jackson Laboratory
> 600 Main Street
> Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
> (207) 288-6193

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