Re: Sucrose Formalin

From:"A. Erickson" <>

We use sucrose formalin to cryoprotect perfused brain tisue prior to
sectioning on a sliding microtome.  Make the solution by dissolvinf
sucrose (not glucose ) in your regular lab formulation of neutral buffered
formalin.  30% = 30 grams sucrose, dissolved in NBF, then bring total 
volume up 100ml.  Andra Erickson,University of Washington, RPRC

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Mike Delorenzo wrote:

> One of our pathologist is inquiring about a "sucrose formalin solution". I have never heard of it does anyone have a recipe? Thanks
> Mike DeLorenzo
> Surgical Pathology Laboratory 
> Medical College of Georgia

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