Re: Securline markers

From:Rae Ann Staskiewicz <>


	We are also having a problem with some Securline II pens. In some of
them the ink just runs out. Actually dripping from the tip. Needless to
say, this causes a mess! Otherwise we really like this pen. I would hate
to have to change. We have tried the TBS markers and liked the Securline
II's much better.

Rae Ann Staskiewicz
Galesburg Animal Disease Lab
Galesburg, IL wrote:
> I've been reading of the problems with the Securline markers and we have been
> having the same. In addition, many of the pens "puddle" onto the cassette
> and/or slide so much that we have to blot the ink as we write. This makes
> them dry up even FASTER!
> I've written to the manufacturer but with no response back from them. I
> wonder if they know that their product is becoming unsatisfactory? Maybe the
> distributors of this product could relay the message to the manufacturer?
> I've just complained to my VWR Rep.
> I just got a couple of markers from TBS as samples and they seem to be fine
> although I wish they had a finer tip. We sometimes have a lot of information
> to write on the cassette or slide. Does anybody know if they come in
> different size tips?
> Andi Grantham
> University of Arizona
> Tucson
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