Re: PAP / Hydrophobic pens

From:Kimberly Carter <>

Dear Aidan,
  I use the barrier slides from BioGenex. The slides come with various barrier positions on the slide.  You place your tissue in the barrier area and your solutions stay in that area. I have found I use less reagents since they do not run off the slide.
And my tissue does not dry out.  The slides eliminate the hassles of using the PAP pen or nothing at all. I feel they are terribly expensive, but they do work well. I work in a research situation where quality is always our first consideration. But, the
budget is watched carefully and I have to justify my expenses. I have not worked out a cost comparison of the slides vs. expense of not using them.  I have looked for another company that makes a similar product but have not found one. So I stick with
BioGenex. If anyone out there knows of another company that makes barrier slides please let me know.

Kim Carter HT(ASCP)
Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus, Ohio USA

Aidan Schurr wrote:

> Hi all,
> We currently do all our immuno's by hand, wiping around sections with tissues to contain the reagents.  Who out there uses PAP pens or other hydrophobic markers, and what do you think of them?  I would like to use them but are put off by the price...
> Many thanks,
> Aidan, New Zealand.
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