Re: Laboratory Safety Nightmare!

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    I don't envy your predicament. You have a lot of work ahead of you. The first
tool I can offer you is the OSHA web site, it is . From there you
can access a variety of resources to help you. One of the most important books
you can have for OSHA related questions is "CCH Safety Professional Series : OSHA
Standards For General Industry". It outlines the regulations of "29 CFR Part
1910". I think you could get a copy from OSHA, or from the publisher of the book
CCH Incorperated; 1(800) 248-3248 or . The ISBN is
    Also since you are in the north east you could contact Clean Harbors. They
are a company that deals with chemical wastes, spills and other industrial
wastes. I have no direct contact information but you could contact them through
Harbor Management Consultants 1(800) 637-2666. They have
been very helpful in the past, especially in pointing out the cost of fixing a
problem vs the cost of getting fined by OSHA.
good luck,
Amos Brooks

ps... any questions please contact me :-) wrote:

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>      What I am hoping for is advice on how to find documentation of OSHA
> regulations or any other documents of legally mandated safety standards.  I
> am overwhelmed by the task of sifting through the information on the OSHA
> website and other resources, and I do not have the time I need to accomplish
> an adequate job of performing safety research in addition to my usual
> histology and managerial duties.  In order to strengthen our case for the
> substantial funding we will need to install proper building and laboratory
> ventilation, proper chemical storage, and quite a few other safety measures,
> I would like to furnish the administration with specific laws or regulations
> requiring us to take these measures.  If we can prove that we are legally
> required to meet certain standards, we have a much better chance of obtaining
> the necessary funds.
>      Thank you in advance for all of your help in this vital matter!
> Very truly yours,
> Kimberly Atkin HT (ASCP)
> Histology Laboratory Supervisor
> Angell Memorial Animal Hospital
> 350 South Huntington Avenue
> Boston, MA 02130

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