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Dear John,

Oh, sorry for any inconvenience. My name is Circle. Sounds strange to
Westerners, but it's a friendly name in my place. You may called my
surname Chan.

The reason why I asked this question is that I borrow a CD-rom from
library, (called Histology image review, by Frank J. Wilson) which
contains lots of histology and IHC photos. And I noticed
that the stain they used is H&E. However, I found the colour is different
among different slides. I used H&E to counter stain some cells before. The
technicans told me that H gives the colour of purple/blue (on the
nucleus) and E gives orange/red (on the cytoplasm). What I found in the
CD-rom is that I can identify different structures on the slides. For
example, I can distinguish endothelial cells and the arterial muscle
cells. That is, they have differnt tone on differnet parts of the tissue!

Other reason I would like to try on H&E rather than IHC is the price of
the antibody. I know factor VIII can identify endothelial
cells. Unfortuantely, my supervisor has already rejected as the antibody
cost much. 

I have the alpha-actin to stain the vascular smooth muscle cells only. 

I am not just a beginner of histotechnology, but also an
outsider. However, as a student, I hope I can learn more and practice

Circle Chan

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