Re: EBNA, CD20, and CD21

From:Kim Kusser <>


I have used CD21-biotin on mouse tissues (NALT, lymph nodes, spleen). It stains very nicely for me...CD21+ FDC come up very quickly (using DAB). Also, if you leave it on long enough, other CD21+ cells come up. They don't express as highly as FDC's, but they're there. We use it primarily for FDC's though.

BTW, I use it on frozen tissue so I don't unmask.


Date: 7 Nov 2000 15:57:20 -0600
From: kwalters <>
Subject: EBNA, CD20, and CD21


I have a new project and would like to hear of anyone who has had success with

any of these antigens and how to treat them.  Also does anyone use antibodies 
from Accurate Chemical and Scientific Company?  Its a new one on me...

Thanks in advance,

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