Re: Curious about Sirius

Sirius (Greek Seirios, "scorching"), also the Dog Star is the brightest star 
in the sky, situated in the constellation Canis Major. The star was highly 
venerated by the ancient Egyptians, who regarded it as a token of the rising 
of the Nile and of a subsequent good harvest. Many Egyptian temples were 
constructed in such a way that the light of Sirius reached the inner 
chambers. The hottest part of the summer also coincides with the heliacal 
rising of Sirius.

The direct cotton dye sirius red F3B and others like it were originally named 
to denote the brightness of the red color.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

I recently inquired about the Sirius red stain for collagen and was able to 
do the stain with great results. I am curious where the name Sirius came 
from? Anybody know? 
The Harry Potter series has a character by the name of Sirius Black.
Andi Grantham

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