Re: Cameras

Dear Paul,

     I have had good results with a NIKON microscope, ECLIPSE E600, the 
light/florescent model.  There is also a bright field only model available at 
a lower cost.  The digital camera I used with it is from DIAGNOSTIC 
INSTRUMENTS INC, model SPOT.  The company's phone number is (810) 731-6000 or 
you can visit their website at
     I believe MVI Micro Video Instruments, Inc., in Massachusetts, USA 
carries them both.  Their phone number is (508) 580-0080.
     Happy camera hunting!

Kim Atkin HT (ASCP)

Angell Memorial Animal Hospital
Boston, MA

From: Paul Klosen <> 




We are currently looking to buy a camera with image analysis system for our 
research microscope. I'd like to hear about your experience with different 
systems (standard, fluorescence etc.)

We are also looking for cameras to install on microscopes for teaching in 
class rooms. There we are looking for a camera that works on microscopes 
and on dissecting scopes, but that would only have to work in bright field.



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