Re: Antigen Retrieval Methods

From:Marcia Bentz <>

Have you tried trypsin? For some antibodies I stain for I use a 1% (think
or .1%, I buy tablets from Sigma that you dissolve in 1ml water) solution
at 37C for 30 minutes. It can tend to trash the tissue sometimes so you
need to experiment and use the least amount of time necessary.

Hope this helps,


At 06:44 AM 11/07/2000 -0800, Daniel Martinez wrote:
>     I currently have a rare Parkinson's case that I
>am having trouble staining.  This tissue has been
>fixing in formalin for 13yrs.  I am attempting to
>stain this tissue with several alpha-synuclein
>antibodies that we produce.  To date, I have tried
>formic acid, proteinase-K, microwave, and boiling
>treatments.  Any advice on other methods that might be
>worth trying would be appreciated.  Thanks for your
>Dan Martinez
>CNDR/University of Pennsylvania  
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Marcia Bentz
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