RE: long term storage of cytology preps

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Hi Deb,

We have additional cytospins or ThinPreps made from cases that would make
good control material when possible.  The cytology lab fixes these for us in
acetone for 10" and we store them at -20 degrees C.  We have not done a
formal study of possible loss of antigenicity.

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>    ??? for all of you that do immuno on cyto preparations-- especially
> fna's- but also other slides - how do you fix slides for long term storage
> or do you store cyto preps, air dried slides etc- for future usage??  Have
> had some really good cases lately with leftover air dried smears and thin
> prep material ----- hate to not keep them - your input would be greatly
> appreciated. Also any good info on immuno staining thin preps etc- special
> handling other than no digestion, no retrieval etc.  Thanks!

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