RE: automated IHC - Dab disposal

From:"Horn, Hazel" <>

> Louise,
> This is the procedure approved by our state water department for disposal
> of used DAB waste from our Dako autostainer.   You might need to check
> with your state water department before using this procedure.
	[Horn, Hazel]  
	1.   Prepare the following stock solutions:
	      0.2 M Potassium Permanganate (31.6 g KMnO4/liter)
	      2.0 M Sulfuric Acid (112 ml concentrated acid/liter)
	2.  For each 10 ml of working DAB solution, add:
	     5 ml 0.2 M Potassium Permanganate
	     5 ml 2.0 M Sulfuric Acid
	3.  Allow the mixture to stand for at least 10 hours.   This will
allow it 
	     to become noncarcinogenic.
	4.  To decolorize the mixture, add powdered ascorbic acid until the 
	     color disappears.
	5.  Neutralize  the decolorized mixture with sodium bicarbonate.
	     the neutrality (pH meter, pH paper or dipsticks)
	6.  Discard by pouring down the drain with copious amounts of

	If anyone has a simpler method we would sure love to have it.    By
the way, our water department will not allow us to use the procedure using

	I hope this helps!!!

> I asked this question last week, but due to technical errors received only
> one reply, so I'm asking it again. How do labs using the Dako autostainer
> deal with their DAB waste? Have it collected by a waste company? If so -
> what do they do with it?
> Deal with it in-house? Pour it down the drain?
> Best regards
> Louise Renton
> Research Laboratory
> Department of Anatomical Pathology
> South African Institute for Medical Research
> Johannesburg
> South Africa

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