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	I know there are antibodies that stain microglia in rats, mouse is a
different story at least with the strains we study. F4/80 will work fairly
well on microglia with fresh frozen tissue and I have not difficulty getting
to stain peripheral macrophages in fixed paraffin embedded tissue.
Difficulty I have is that because of the network distribution of microglia
the stains on frozen tissue looks like a huge smear. Vibratome sections may
be a good alternative but I have not had time to pursue this. Also suppose
tape transfer would be an option but do not have the instrumentation.
Mac1 is supposed to work but I have been unable to get specific staining. 

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Subject: antibody search

We are in search of an antibody against phosphotyrosine (mouse) which
labels microglia cells and peripheral macrophages.  And an antibody against
ED2 which labels peripheral macrophages in the rat.  We are looking for a
mouse equivalent of these 2 antibodies to use on retina.  Has anyone any
information on these?  Thanks in advance!

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