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Dear Dale,

I agree with Dr. Ian Montgomery posting of today, it is a subject that some
of us have also posted many times in the past. As we have great concern that
the filters fitted will not be small enough to stop all contamination
passing through, therefore contaminating the whole area that the exhaust is
released into. I have discussed this subject to interested histologist in
the past, who have agreed with these findings and the only way forward we
can see, is to exhaust (as with clean air safety cabinets) to atmosphere on
the roof of an establishment. Which proved to be of too great an expense.

I would and many others too, would like to hear all views on this important
subject, as the use is growing and the dangers also.

I have a vested interest in this subject as we manufacture cryostats, and
will not compromise on safety.

Alan Bright

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Subject: Vacuum?

Does anyone have information in regard to a portable vacuum to clean tissue
shavings from the cryostat with?  I'm not talking about a permanent
attachment to your crystat, but one that can be used for the three cryostats
that we currently have.  Of course, it would need to have some type of
biohazard filter and/or containment system.  Anyone using something like

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