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I've always used and only trusted pencil.  For the past 3 years, I have
swiched to mechanical pencil (0.5mm or 0.3mm lead) so that I don't have to
sharpen them at all.  Worked great on cassettes, paper labels in processing
steps, on slides etc....
My penny worth of experience.

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> Dear Connie and others,
> I also ran into a disastrous situation last week because of marking pens.
> A
> client delivered many cassettes, all marked with marking pens (I don't
> know
> which make and he's on vacation this week, so I can't ask him).  We
> processed half of them and when we went to embed them, about half of the
> cassettes were totally blank.  The numbers were completely washed off!
> The
> others were from light to pristine.  I took the remaining un-processed
> cassettes and re-labeled each one on the side with my trusty #2 lead
> pencil.
> I monitored this batch and noted that all numbers were pristine going into
> the first paraffin bath.  When it was time to embed them (two changes of
> 58
> degree paraffin, 2 hours each), about half of the cassettes were blank!
> The
> pencil numbering on the sides saved us.  When we grouped the cassettes
> into
> their appropriate cases, I noticed each case was either pristine or
> completely washed off.  My conclusion was that different pens were used
> for
> different cases and there is a bad lot of pens out there (if, in fact he
> used the same brand for all of his cases).
> I have used #2 pencils for 25 years and have never lost a number.  I keep
> an
> electric pencil sharpener close by to keep the points nice and sharp.  My
> philosophy is:  If it isn't broken, don't fix it!
> If you want, I'll inform this group next week which pens were used in the
> above case.
> Jim
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> > Reguarding  Securline Marker ll Superfrost marking pens.
> > In  the past couple of weeks we have been having a lot of trouble with
> > these pens, the numbers have been coming off during processing and when
> > we scrape the paraffin off the blocks the number goes with it.  We write
> > the number on the top and on the sides.
> > If anyone has any insight into this problem I would appreciate your
> > comments.
> >
> >
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