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Dear Sanjay,

I think where you went wrong is using a sliding microtome, as this only
clamps the knife from one end. What you really should be using is a Base
Sledge microtome(see our website on 8000 Base Sledge microtome), this clamps
the knife rigid on both ends.

But you may wish to try making sure that you have the bovine hooves clamped
securely as this would also cause problems.

It would assist if you could tell me exactly what is occurring and the size
of the face you are attempting to section to enable me to help you further.

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Subject: Inforamtion on cutting hard tissues

Hello everybody,

As part of ongoing research at our company I was trying to cut uniform cross
sections of bovine hooves across the horizontal plane. We recently bought a
sliding microtome (HM 440E, Carl Zeiss, Inc.) and were using it with a
Tungsten-carbide knife.  Unfortunately the tissue is much harder than what
expected and we were unsucessful. I was wondering if anyone out there had a
similar experience with this kind of material or with some other hard
I would be grateful if someone could give me tips about any how to cut hard
materials or inform me of any softening methods used for hard keratinous

I am new to the process of microtomy and also a new addition to this list.

Thanks for your time.

Sanjay Sharma

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