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I would say that yes "Standardization" is another way of referring to a
quality assurance program.  I would refer you to a Guideline developed by
NCCLS called Quality Assurance for Immunocytochemistry MM4-A.  This document
provides consensus recommendations for the performance of immunocytochemical
assays on cytologic or surgical pathology specimens (this could serve as a
definition of "Standarization", in my mind.  To obtain a copy of the NCCLS
Consensus Documents phone 610-688.1100 <>

Patsy Ruegg

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		Good afternoon Patsy,
		   Hope everything is going well with you.
		   I need your definition of the word "Standardization" as
is pertains to 
		Immunohistochemistry. Is this another was of say a quality
assurance program?
		I am currently working one an item where this word keeps
popping up. I wanted 
		to be sure I have the correct idea. A rapid response would
be appreciated. 


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