RE: Antigen Retrieval Methods

I would try pepsin at 37dc, about 3 changes for 10 min. each change.  I buy
very good premade pepsin from Research Genetics Cat. No 750102.

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		Subject:	Antigen Retrieval Methods

		     I currently have a rare Parkinson's case that I
		am having trouble staining.  This tissue has been
		fixing in formalin for 13yrs.  I am attempting to
		stain this tissue with several alpha-synuclein
		antibodies that we produce.  To date, I have tried
		formic acid, proteinase-K, microwave, and boiling
		treatments.  Any advice on other methods that might be
		worth trying would be appreciated.  Thanks for your

		Dan Martinez
		CNDR/University of Pennsylvania  

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