Normal isoform PrP

From:Tina Cardamone <>

Hi everybody.
I have a quick question regarding CJD brains and immunohistochemistry.
I stain with the Senetek monoclonal antibody 3F4.
It labels normal isoform PrPc and the infectious form PrPsc.
I autoclave the sections in water for 30 mins at 132 deg. cel.
I block endogenous peroxidase with hydrogen peroxide and block non specific 
binding with the appropriate serum and then stain using the Avidin Biotin 
method.I get great results.
My question is, am I blocking or digesting away the normal PrP (PrPc) with 
the autoclaving I do or am I staining for both ie PrPc and PrPsc. Is there 
something else I should be doing to eliminate PrPc.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank You in advance.

Kind Regards

Uni of Melbourne

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