New HT Program in So. Cal!

Hello Everyone, I am new to the histonet (and learning e-mail-please forgive 
ingorance on netiquete (SP?).  My name is Virginia Pascoe and I represent Mt. 
San Antonio Community College in Walnut, California.  We are about 30 miles 
east of Los Angeles.  We have developed an AS Degree Program for Histologic 
Technician training under the guidance of NSH, NSF, CSH and a group of top 
notch industry advisors.  Our first cohort of students will begin in August, 
2001 and we are now recruiting!  Contact me!  Needless to say we are 
extremely proud to make this announcement, exciting and a little nervous 
about this undertaking.
Before I go on, I must apologize to someone on the Histonet who emailed me an 
inquiry about this program.  I am sorry, tried to save your message until I 
could respond and it is now gone.  Please reply to me so that we can 
communicate regarding program details!
To all of you experienced histotechs (HTs and HTLs) I would like to pose some 
questions to aid us in completion of this program's development:
1.  We have reviewed some textbooks for histology, histotechniques, 
histochemistry and immunohistochemistry (latter 2 form 1 course)  What ideas 
do you have for appropriate textbooks for these course?  How about an 
introductory course?  General Lab Basics?
2.  What would you recommend for criteria for admission of students to the 
program? General program prerequisites are set since this is an AS degree 
Thank you for your assistance.  Virginia Pascoe;;, (909) 594-5611 ext 4218.  Thanks!

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