NSH Speaker Proposals

From:Joyce Christopher <Joyce.Christopher.B@bayer.com>

The deadline for submitting a Speaker Proposal Form to the NSH
Symposium/Convention Program Committee is almost here.  The NSH Program
Committee always seeks more proposals from prospective speakers.  Please
contact the NSH office, Kim Simmons, Program Manager, or Kerry Crabb,
Convention Chairman, for a form if you have not submitted and would like to
submit a proposal.  You may submit a proposal by several methods.  You may go
to the NSH web site (www.nsh.org) to complete one on-line.  You may also
request a paper copy or receive one via email attachment.  If you receive one
via email it may be completed electronically and email back to the NSH office
along with a copy of your curriculum vitae.  If you prefer to recommend someone
just drop Kim or Kerry a note with enough information that they can contact
them.  You can reach Kim, Kerry and the NSH office at:

phone: 301-262-6221
email:  histo@nsh.org

Kim Simmons
phone: 206-598-6401
email:  ksimmons@u.washington.edu

Kerry Crabb
phone: 913-433-5213
email:  kerry.crabb.b@bayer.com

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