Mounting Medium for Hacker Coverslipper

From:Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories <>

Dear Histonetters,

We have a Hacker (Meisei) RCM-3655.  We are trying to find the best mounting
medium to use with this machine.  We have tried Permount--this is too thin
and takes too long to dry; Consulmount, Acrymount, and M-1 all have produced
air bubbles.  With the help of Hacker customer service, we have been
tweaking the machine until we find the best medium.  What is everyone else
using with this machine?  By the way, we are using xylene, not a substitute.

thanks in advance,

Beth Poole
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
137 S. Main Street
Woodstock, VA  22664

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