Microwave Processing

From:Cheryl Crowder <ccrowder@mail.vetmed.lsu.edu>

Processing tissues with microwaves does require a microwave oven 
manufactured for laboratories.  There are 3 to my knowledge on the market 
today - Milestone, Pella and Energy Beam (which I think now may be marketed 
under the TBS brand - but they may be 2 different instruments).
	Processing takes different timing, obviously, because of the quickness of 
the technique but you can use the reagents you are using now.  I have been 
trying MW techniques for over 20 years and although I can process tissues 
in a kitchen MW, it is hazardous because of the fumes and it is difficult 
to regular the temperatures.  Each manufacturer has his own protocol for 
the procedures.  It should be noted that needle biopsies and other small 
tissues can be processed very quickly but larger pieces still take 1.5 - 2 
hours.  Most automatic tissue processors can be programmed for this short 
	If you have any questions or want more information, it would probably be 
better to contact me personally by e-mail or phone.  I will try to answer 
any questions you have.

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