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From:Tracy Bergeron <>,

Hi Folks,

     Thanks for all your responses on marking pens.   What I neglected to
mention is that we are currently using the Shur/mark pens.   We have not
had too luck with them.  I have found we go through way to many of them,
mainly due to the tip getting trashed.   I honestly think that the reason
we go through so many is that our slides are very rough, which wears away
the pen tip very quickly.   I have recently tried using pencil on the
slides (which is how I have always labeled slides before this job),
unfortunately the roughness of the slides again has caused a problem.  The
pencil did not stay on well, and rubbed almost completely off during
coverslipping..    I was using a type of mechanical #2 pencil I have used
before with no problems...

     I would love to try different brands of slides, but currently changing
slides is not an option...  sigh..

     I have totaled the responses I got just in case anyone was interested:

          Shur/Mark : 4
          Secureline: 8
          Pencil: 2

     Thanks again I appreciate the info.

Tracy E. Bergeron
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, MA

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