Glyo-Fixx & GI bx


Tim Webster asked for real-world information on the use of Glyo-Fixx, 
especially with GI biopsies.

Glyo-Fixx is a glyoxal-based fixative from Shandon.  It is similar in 
composition and mode of action to Prefer (Anatech Ltd.), which has 
been on the market since 1993.  Evaluations of one should suffice for 
the other.

Strine, Marty, and Bentley published an article on Prefer titled 
"Improving biopsies diagnostic cycle-time while preserving optimal 
cellular morphology" in the Shandon Lipshaw labLeader 11(2), 1996, 
pages 8-9.  Eight color photomicrographs of H+E and 
immunohistochemistry show the quality possible with glyoxal, even 
using extremely short fixation (45-60 minutes).  Increasing fixation 
time to 2-4 hours would make it even better.

In our own comparative trials with Prefer and zinc formalin, Prefer 
won hands down for speed, morphological detail and safety.  I am 
certain that Glyo-Fixx would prove equally effective for all 
practical purposes.


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