Clinical Scientist posts in UK NHS Cytology laboratories

From:Richard Pitman <>

I have been asked to post the following message on behalf of a colleague. I apologise in advance to anyone who feels that this is an inappropriate forum for this posting, and would welcome any suggestions for a more suitable site and audience. As the header, this is aimed at workers in the UK.

'Any persons appointed to the posts of Clinical Scientist within cytology will be unable to register with the CPSM as no 'modality of practice' exists for cytology. This is despite the fact that new modalities in other disciplines have been created. The consequences of this are far reaching - no one  in cytology can call themselves Clinical Scientists, be recognised as such, or perform any duties commensurate with that grade. CPSM can and will insist on downgrading of all unregistered practitioners as of 1st October 2000.

It is important to bring this situation to the attention of the CPSM, the Royal College of Pathologists and the Department of Health. As no list exists, it would be helpful to try to compile a list of all persons employed as Clinical Scientist who will be affected by this ruling.

We welcome the names and e-mail addresses of any such persons. Please reply ASAP so that representations can be made to the professional bodies.'

Please reply to me, or to

Best wishes,

Richard Pitman FIBMS,
Head MLSO,
Dept of Histology, Cytology & Immunology,
Worcester Royal Infirmary NHS Trust

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