Acid hematin iron stain

Roy Brown at Histology Consultation Services in Oak Harbor, Washington state, 
>>A quick question for anyone.:  Does Acid hematin stain with Prussian blue?<<

Acid hematin is a birefringent (lights up with polarizers) pigment, different 
from hemosiderin (refractile but not birefringent). Formalin pigment and 
malarial pigment are acid hematin. It doesn't color with the prussian blue 
reaction like hemosiderin does.

A good geezer reference for this is Lillie 3rd ed.

Pronounced HEE-muh-tin. British spellers write it haematin. Be sure to 
distinguish hematin from the hematoxylin oxidation product hematein (British 
haematein), pronounced hee-muh-TEE-in.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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