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From:George McNamara <>
To:"Tapper, Sheila" <>
Date:Fri, 21 May 1999 13:02:54 -0700
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Dear Sheila,

  An approximately $20 book to have around is:

J.M. polak and S. Van Noorden (1997) Introduction to Immunocytochemistry,
2nd edition. Royal Microscopy Society Microscopy Handbook 37. Bio

For cell biology labs I recommend:

D.L. Spector et al (1998) Cells: A laboratory Manual. Cold Spring Harbor
Press (3 volumes, comb bound is about $250 total ... the cover of book 3 is
worth the price in my opinion ).
  For a histo lab this may have a lot of stuff like EM and subcellular
fractionation that you would never need.
I believe that CSHL Press has an "antibody bible", maybe by Ed Harlow et al
(again, more cell bio than histo oriented), look at for their

I also liked:

Trevor Jewitt (1997) Tissue in situ hybridization. John Wiley & Sons. (comb
bound, ~$30, don't just look in the chapter titled immunolocalization).
Anyone who does DNA ISH should have this book. (Use DAB and BCIP for 2
color staining, by the way).

You can also call DAKO, Vector, Zymed, Pharmingen, etc and ask for their
current manuals.

  Would you mind emailing me directly with what DIRECT immunofluorescent
tests you routinely do and whether you every do multicolor staining? Thanks.



Date: 20 May 1999 13:14:07 -0500 
From: "Tapper, Sheila" <> 
Subject: Post JCAHO inspection questions
Just finished our inspection, and I have a couple of questions!
1. How is everyone documenting Special Stain Control Slides? Our 
inspector didn't like our method, and thought that we could do better. So 
rather than use that system of default...we need to develop a log of some 
sort for control slides. Would anyone be willing to share their tried and 
true method? It must be simple and easy for our pathologists to sign off 
2. Could I please hear some references for Immunofluorescent 
techniques. We are just starting to develop these procedures here, and need 
some reference material here. I also have a question about what others are 
using for control tissue for the fluorescent stains? I need to acquire 
control material for both direct and indirect fluorescence. We will be 
staining skin biopsies to begin with, and hopefully working toward renal 
pathology as well. 
Thanks for any information you can share. 

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