bone IHC

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From:Michelle Ting <>
Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 10:55:40 +1000
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Hi everyone,

I've been having trouble with immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded
bone (rat ankle) sections. The tissue keeps lifting off my slides, either
during antigen retrieval and/or during the subsequent washes and
incubations. The tissue has been formalin-fixed and decalcified using
formic acid, and we've been told that such treatment has probably added to
the problems we're having. Can anyone suggest good slide coatings, gentler
antigen retrieval methods, or anything else I could possible try?

with thanks,
Michelle Ting
School of Physiology & Pharmacology
The Universitiy of New South Wales
Sydney 2052
ph 9385-3810
fax 9386-1059

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