Thioflavine T for amyloid

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Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 08:03:04 -0600
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The following procedure is from the Handbook of Histopathological and
Histochemical Techniques, Culling, third edition.
Fixation is not critical - used on paraffin or frozen sections.
     Bring sections to water.
     Stain in alum hematoxylin for 2 mins, to quench nuclear fluorescence - does
not have
     to be differentiated, or blued.
     Wash in water a few minutes.
     Stain in 1% aqueous thioflavin T for 3 mins.
     Rinse in water.
     Differentiate in 1% acetic acid for 20 mins.
     Wash in water.
     Mount in Apathy's medium.

Amyloid will stain bright yellow (depending on the filter used).
Mast cell granules are yellow.
I found this worked very well for me - Good Luck !!

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