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Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 11:05:43 +0100
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     I don't have the precise definition of SPAM, but it essentially refers 
     to unsolicited mass emailings.  Often times it is advertising 
     something such as a "money making opportunity"--it is the internet 
     equivalent of junk mail.  It severely clogs up the system and is in 
     many ways worse than regular junk mail since it is cheaper to send out 
     and you can spam thousands of people with the touch of a button.  Many 
     spammers obscure their trail so they are hard to localize.  If a 
     server finds out that you are a spammer, they will most likely cut off 
     your service.  For more information and to support the anti junk mail 
     amendment check out

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Subject: Re: Check it out 
Author:  "Chappell Joyce" <>  at internet-mail
Date:    5/26/99 2:20 PM

Dear Histonetters,
In reference to "Check it out" microsoft scam. I apologize, my 14 year old 
must have forwarded that to all the addresses in my address book. I had no 
idea what you were talking about. I have changed my password and set him up 
an account, so hopefully this will not happen again. Again my apologies.
   By the way what does spam mean?
Marsha Price

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